Welcome to the world of humane ticketing

Adam and Josh

Our story

Humanitix started as a pact between our founders, Adam and Josh, to escape the corporate world and do something meaningful. Like many social entrepreneurs, they looked for industries with inefficiencies that could be disrupted - for good! Then it appeared: tickets! Event ticketing has always been frustrating for hosts and guests alike and everyone hates booking fees. Fast forward to today and Humanitix has transformed over $2.5M of those annoying booking fees into helping disadvantaged kids around the world.

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Our beliefs

We believe people want to make a difference, but they don't always know how.

We also believe businesses that align profit with purpose can solve the world's biggest problems, and that humane use of technology can help us reinvest in humanity far beyond traditional corporate responsibility.

In short, we believe in humanity. Give people the platform and they'll step up (and throw down!)

Mission & vision

Our mission is to bring people together to inspire and invest in humanity.

Humanitix is an experiment in compassionate capitalism and a new model for charity and business. We invite entrepreneurs everywhere to join us in following a for-purpose path.

Our ultimate vision is a world where all businesses, structures and systems work in harmony with humanity to serve the best interests of all people and our planet.

Crowd at a concert

Our Values

Show up

We go all-in for our customers and for each other because we care about what we do. It also doesn't hurt to say “I love you”. Try it.

Be bold

Think for yourself, say what you believe, and have the curiosity and courage to lead us further forward into new territory. Let's go.

Keep it weird

We celebrate humanity, thrive on individuality, and love all the ways we are different. Bring your true self to work* and be inclusive, open, and transparent.
*Shoes optional.

The world is not screwed

Yep, it can be a lot better, but there's no future in giving up. We create a better world by choosing positivity, investing in humanity, and forging pathways to progress. Be humane.

Humans of Humanitix

We love tickets. And good times. Most of all, we love helping others. Our team are passionate and open-minded, each taking a leap of faith on a crazy idea to change the world.

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John Eales

John Eales

Board Director - Flight Centre Travel Group, Fuji Xerox-DMS, The Palladium Group and Magellan Financial Group

John Eales AM is regarded as one of the greatest rugby players Australia has ever produced. His outstanding qualities extend much further than his exceptional skill on the football field. He is an inspirational leader and business man through both his actions and his relentless determination. John's sense of fair play and genial nature made him one of the most respected figures in the game, and an extraordinary ambassador for sport and Australia.